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Mentoring Matters

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Mentoring matters.  Leadership matters.  Opportunities for professionals in higher education to receive both mentoring and leadership certainly matters.  As I reflect on the role that the Leadership and Mentoring Institute (LMI) has had on my career, I have come to realize that the “I” or the individual has limits.  This realization has developed in part […]

Is It the First Step or All Those That Follow?

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Every journey starts with a single step. So, how many of us can remember our first tenuous and unsteady steps as a toddler. OK, no one can. Details from anyone who can recall could be fruitful to our conversation. So, how many of us can remember the first steps on our journey toward academic leadership? […]

Are We “Waiting for Superman” in Higher Education?

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Several years ago, I watched a life-altering, award-winning documentary, Waiting for Superman (2010), directed by Davis Guggenheim which methodically dissected the public education system exploring the many ways in which it is failing the community and society as a whole. One of the participants in the documentary, Geoffrey Canada, believed the issues highlighted (e.g., high […]