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Pathways to Success: Words of Advice

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When discussing success, the advice that we share often comes from motives of care and compassion. Most of us want individuals to excel in their worthy pursuits and in life. We want to point others toward a hopeful, fulfilling and rewarding future. I would like to share with you the same words of advice that […]

Blurred Lines: An Invitation to Discuss Boundary Formation and Management for Teachers

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In spring, 2013, Robin Thicke, Pharell, and TI released the chart topping song, “Blurred Lines” which discusses the courtship intentions for a woman who is currently in a romantic relationship with another man.  The premise of the song suggests that the woman is a “good girl” but that she wants to get “nasty” (sexually provocative) […]

LMI Blog Submission Guidelines

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We are excited about the new LMI Blog.   The purpose of the LMI blog is to serve as a communication tool to help African Americans prepare for senior administrative and faculty positions, by sharing narratives, accomplishment stories, and skills needed for success. Blog Submission Guidelines LMI will accept blog postings that meet the following criteria. […]