Institute FAQs

How soon will I hear whether I have been accepted?Applicants should expect to hear of their status no later than one month from the application deadline via email. Applicants placed on a waiting list will receive an email indicating their wait list status.

How many applicants will be accepted?

The number of applicants selected to participate in the Institute varies depending on the applicant pool and the availability of residential facilities.

If I am not accepted in May, is there any possibility that I will be able to participate this year?
Possibly. Sometimes accepted applicants are unable to attend for various reasons. However, you will be contacted no later than late May if there is space available and to determine if you are still interested in attending the Institute.

When should I plan to arrive and depart?
You should plan to arrive on campus no earlier than 10:00am, CST on Sunday, July 12, 2020. Please make travel arrangements to depart from campus no earlier than 3:30pm, CST on Saturday, July 18, 2020.

Is transportation provided?
Only travel related to LMI activities will be provided once you arrive. Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from the campus.

If I drive in my personal vehicle to LMI will I be able to park my car on campus?

Yes, you will be able to park on campus.

What is the expected attire?

Business casual attire is appropriate for the sessions during the week.

Formal business attire is expected at the opening/welcome dinner (Sunday evening) and closing luncheon (Saturday afternoon).

Where will I stay during the Institute?

Lodging will be provided on a college campus. All Institute participants are expected to stay in the lodging provided by the Institute.

What personal items do I need to bring?
Towels and linens will be provided. You will need to bring everything else.

Do I have to share a room or bathroom?
Two individuals of the same gender will share a bathroom in an apartment style residence hall.

Will there be a refrigerator?
A community refrigerator is available but there will not be a refrigerator in your room.

Will there be computer access in the living quarters?
Yes. The lobby only of the residence hall provides wireless access to the internet.

Will there be an ironing board and iron?
Yes. An iron and ironing board will be provided.

What meals are provided during the Institute?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided every day the Institute is held starting with the welcome dinner on Sunday and concluding with closing program on Saturday. All participants are expected to attend every meal, including those who reside within the city.

Will I have time to do work such as email, fax, conference calls, etc.?
No. The intensive format of the Institute will provide little or no time for individuals to engage in work-related or personal activities. Therefore, it is very important that participants take care of time sensitive matters prior to arriving at the Institute and not expect to be engaged electronically during the Institute.

How will time be spent outside of formal Institute sessions and meals?
Team projects will comprise the majority of time spent outside the formal Institute sessions. There will be limited time during the Institute for cultural activities, such as visiting historical places of relevance. These activities will be arranged and paid for by the Institute. All participants are expected to participate in all Institute activities, sessions, meals and team projects.

What is the tentative timeline of activities for the Institute?
The Institute will begin with a welcome dinner on Sunday evening and conclude on Saturday afternoon with a closing luncheon and team presentations. Throughout the week, participants are expected to attend all scheduled sessions from early morning to late afternoon.

Will we be required to do any work prior to the Institute?
There may be some required reading prior to your arrival. Participants may also need to prepare materials for discussion/evaluation of their portfolio. Specific information about reading and other materials required in preparation for the Institute will be provided before the start of the Institute.

What time do sessions begin and end on a daily basis?
Institute sessions begin at 8am and conclude at 6pm daily with team meetings held in the evenings after dinner.

I have friends/family in the city, can they join us for a meal?
No, meals and activities are for the LMI participants and speakers. This is an opportunity for you to network professionally with fellow participants and speakers. Participants should not invite family, friends and associates to campus unless it is in the evening and does not impede with any group activities.

If I receive a scholarship, am I still required to pay the application fee?
All applicants must pay the application fee of $799. There are a limited number of partial and full tuition scholarships available. Applicants to LMI will only be considered for a scholarship upon acceptance to the Institute.

Can I wait to pay the application fee after I am accepted?
No, only complete applications will be reviewed by the selection committee. A complete application includes the following: LMI Participant Application, Resume/Vitae, Statement of Interest, Two Recommendations and Payment of Application Fee.

Will you return my application fee if I am not accepted?
Yes, the application fee will be returned within 6 weeks of the application deadline. Note: If an applicant is selected for LMI, the application fee is non-refundable.

If I am accepted to the Institute and confirm my acceptance but due to extenuating circumstances I am unable to attend, what should I do?

Accepted applicants must submit a refund request for tuition and fees via email to the LMI Director ( no later than June 1. All refund requests for tuition and fees received by the deadline will be reviewed and processed within one month. Refunds for tuition and fees are subject to an administrative processing fee of $200.

If I can only attend part of the Institute can I receive a prorated rate?
Unfortunately this is not an option. If you are unable to attend the entire Institute then you should not accept the offer of acceptance. The intensive format of the Institute and the team project require equal participation from all participants throughout the week. Participants who do not participate in all aspects (i.e., opening dinner through the closing dinner and team presentation) of the LMI will not receive a certificate indicating their successful completion of the Institute and will not be listed as a LMI alumni.

If I don’t receive a scholarship, can I still attend the Institute and what would be my cost?
Yes, you can still attend the Institute. The cost for tuition and fees is $2299. The $799 application fee is applied to the tuition, leaving a remainder of $1500 due no later than May 15.

Do I need to be a member of AABHE to receive a scholarship?
No, applicants do not need to be members of AABHE to receive a scholarship.

Do I need to write a special essay or complete some other special procedure to apply for the scholarship?
Yes, please see information about scholarships under the ‘Admissions’ tab.

When will you deposit my application fee?
Application fees will be processed upon submission of the application.

How do I address my check for the application fee?
Please make your check payable to AABHE or American Association of Blacks in Higher Education. Checks may be mailed to:

AABHE Leadership & Mentoring Institute
C/o VP for Academic Affairs
Arkansas Tech University
1509 N Boulder Ave
Russellville, AR 72801

Do you accept institutional purchase orders?
Yes, please contact us at for details.