What is the Rising Leaders Institute?

To facilitate the preparation of the next generation of academic leaders, the Leadership & Mentorship (LMI) launched an early career professional development opportunity, the Rising Leaders Institute (RLI), for African American faculty and staff who desire to advance in academe.  The RLI is an intensive, synchronous, virtual cohort-based professional development program designed for highly motivated individuals with less than five years of full-time work experience in academe.

Individuals with an interest in expanding their leadership acumen and preparing for mid-management leadership roles are encouraged to apply.  RLI attendees will learn how to:

  • Strategically navigate career pathways
  • Negotiate internal and external constituencies
  • Identify ways to make an institutional impact
  • Hone leadership skills
  • Develop a national network of African American colleagues
  • Engage in dialogue with experienced higher education administrators

Rising Leaders Institute Objectives:

  • Prepare early career African-American professionals in higher education to succeed in their current roles while adding value to their respective institution
  • Provide advice and tools on how to navigate external and internal challenges
  • Discuss topics that promote personal and professional growth
  • Identify steps involved in career mapping and goal setting

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