LMI Blog Submission Guidelines

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We are excited about the new LMI Blog.   The purpose of the LMI blog is to serve as a communication tool to help African Americans prepare for senior administrative and faculty positions, by sharing narratives, accomplishment stories, and skills needed for success.

Blog Submission Guidelines

LMI will accept blog postings that meet the following criteria. LMI Blog length and format criteria:

  • Title: maximum 60 characters.
  • Blog: 500 to 1200 words (excluding references)
  • Author Bio: 200 words
  • Author Contact Information
  1. LMI Blog submissions will be accepted the 1st of each month by 11:59pm CST.
  2. Minimal editing will be completed on submitted blogs, so please ensure that submission are print ready and permissions have been received for items with copyrights.
  3. LMI reserves the right to not publish a blog, if it does not fit with the mission of LMI or requires substantial editing. We also retain the right to edit for content, length, grammar, spelling, and accuracy.
  4. You may submit graphic ideas with your LMI Blog submissions, that meet the following criteria:
  • Large .jpg or png files only
  • High Resolution: 300 dpi or better preference
  • Royalty-free graphics only, please

5. Submit your blog to LMI at: pichon@lmiexperience.org

6. Please submit original blogs that have not been previously published.

7. LMI does not pay for blog submissions.